Saturday, June 30, 2007

Iranian Terror Networks - Oh My!

I sent in the following to the NPR Ombudsman today:
On your hourly news reports today NPR had Craig Windham report that "US troops killed more than two dozen insurgents today..." This was followed by Rachel Martin stating that "military officials say troops conducted two early morning raids in Sadr City looking for militants thought to be helping Iranian terror networks..."

There was NO evidence to support this claim and allegation. The allegation of Iranian "terror" networks is extremely provocative and groundless unless independently verified.

Two dozen militants? Which NPR reporter was on the scene? Did they inspect the bodies? Did they talk to locals in Arabic and determine that they were "militants." Just what is a "militant" anyway. Or did the frequently dishonest US military talking heads say they were militants and NPR just dutifully passed it along.

And then Rachel Martin and "Iranian terror networks!" I challenge NPR to produce one, just one, factual bit of evidence tying Iranian agents to the purposeful targeting of civilians in Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

I heard this story and It was truly disturbing me to me for many of the same reasons you've mentioned. What really bothers me though is this is the whole bush policy of speaking the same lies over and over and over until they "sound" true. Is this just more saber rattling or is it that they are trying to again convince the American People that Iran is a threat in much the same way as they constantly drew a link between 911 and Iraq?