Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Baquba Dooba Do!

Yet another milblog report from NPR. Know-nothing Melissa Block interviews Brig. Gen. Mick Bednarek about how the US has "cleared" Baquba of al-Qaeda. Listening to this interview, you'd think that the main foe of the US in Iraq is al-Qaeda and not its own illegal invasion, gross incompetence, the insurgency and civil war (you get a far better picture from Informed Comment).

Melissa asks lots of questions about the torture chambers of al-Qaeda (more questions than ever asked of the US torture chambers in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Camp Cropper, etc.) as if al-Qaeda had a monopoly on torture in Iraq (hmm...what about that puppet government we are propping up in the Green Zone?)

You'd do well to be very skeptical of NPR's Baquba coverage given that just a few weeks ago NPR featured the pentagonally-embedded Mike Gordon (yes he of the recent Let's-Get-Iran rubbish).

Oh but all is not gloom and doom. To celebrate our "independence," stenographer Rachel Martin gives us a feel-good piece about our newest citizens who earned their privilege by serving Caesar (complete with a message from "Commander in Chief, President George W. Bush", and the attendance of Senators Surge McCain and Habeas Corpses Graham.)

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Kevan Smith said...

I think I heard Petraeus in the citizenship piece say that he would rather be no place else on the 4th than where he was. I thought immediately, "Bullshit!"