Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Breather

Hello readers. I have to confess I'm a bit burned out on listening to NPR News.

I'm in a work related training all this week with little time for listening/blogging and it has been a blessing. Next week I'm on jury duty and not likely to be posting a lot.

In the future I'll probably continue to do occasional posts, but I don't think I can keep listening to NPR as much as I have been this past year. NPR's News is far worse than I imagined it would be when I started this blog.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your mental health break, and thanks for your diligence, thoughtful posts, and all around great work. As I wrote earlier, I rarely listen to NPR these days, and your blog is a big part of that (it's a good thing)... although for the past few months, NPRcheck has been valuable to me as a place to come and vent when some new and particularly egregious NPR lie has driven me to distraction.

Porter Melmoth said...

Indeed, this is a good point in which to reclaim sanity. The NPR Grind is either for true believers or for souls stouter than we are. I'm in favor of putting NPR News into its proper place and accepting it. There's a big wide world out there that has nothing to do with NPR. I'm going to rediscover it and make NPR just an occasional thing. This blog too, in the good sense, that is. NPR has a way of 'taking over' one's sensibilities. Beware the fascism therein. So, let us proceed, with wisdom rather than mere reaction.

Anonymous said...

Take care. Get out in the woods or mountains and just breath. Forget about these vultures.

Anonymous said...

Hope you relax. Gonna watch any movies? like "The Simpsons", or the Werner Herzog movie? Because that's just about all I hear on NPR these last two days, in between ads for..."The Simpsons" and the new Werner Herzog movie. Leave the whores at NPR behind, fortify your sanity.

Anonymous said...

It goes on.
Just now, on NPRs bland magazine show Day to Day. Reporters complained o air that it was a slow news day, so they have to dwell on a story about a long-time bandit shot in India.

W!T!F! Slow news day?
Gozalas purgery, Rove gets a subpoena, A general demoted over Tillman cover-up.
None of that covered at all.

Porter Melmoth said...

The facts show that:
- NPR just isn't a dependable, reliable news source.
- Corporate and other influences have brought to bear their agendas on NPR.
- They no longer fulfill their public mandate.
- They cater to a select audience.
- They conduct themselves like a commercial operation.
- Their approach is personality-based rather than informational.
- They have fully embraced entertainment and other attention-getting devices in their news shows.
- Their use of consultants and contributors is extremely limited, and is indicative of specific agendas.
- Their interpretation of news stories is also indicative of specific agendas and outlooks.
- Their objectivity and neutrality is extremely questionable.

And that's just a mild, preliminary assessment. It does indeed go on...

Speaking for myself, NPR is not a valid news source. Rather, it has become a victim of its own dubious development, worthy only of critical observation, but not of serious consideration. Good and helpful offerings still exist on NPR, of course, but its overarching credibility is gone.

The truth must be sought elsewhere.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I don't listen as much as I used to. I really apprieciated the work you put into this blog and it was so nice to see that I wasn't the only one thinking things were definately off in NPR land.

I still enjoy some of the programming, for example the Diane Rehm show and Terri Gross. But that's about it.

If I didn't have a computer I wouldn't know what was going on in the world, that is for sure!

Anyway, enjoy your vacation. You certainly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Gross Air?!? yuck