Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Don't Recall an Election

On Saturday and again this morning Dan Schorr puts an imaginative spin on the Democrats' failed attempt in Senate to shut down the Republican filibuster and get a withdrawal amendment voted on. Speaking of the all-night session Schorr says:
  • [Saturday] "...they had made a strategic mistake. They thought that since all of the polls showed that Americans want to see troops coming back that if they took a step which was trying to get a few more Republican votes....what they didn't realize that while people want troops back they're not willing to sort of pull the rug from under the troops now and so I think that the Democrats learned a lesson."
  • [Sunday] "The all-nighter fails to achieve the goal of setting a timeline for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. When it came right down to it many Americans were not ready to pull the rug from under the forces in Iraq and the Republicans mocked the overnight session."
Since when did pulling troops out of an illegal, incompetent war become "pulling the rug out" from under the troops? And when did a Senate vote become equal to what "people want" or what "many Americans" are ready to do?

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Anonymous said...

Schorr must have gotten a talking to after he read that searing letter from that soldier in Iraq.