Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Lie with a Little Help from My Friends

Man o' man, what a load of bunk Sec. of State Rice dumps into the compliant lap of NPR voice Michele Norris. Here's a few of the tidbits that Rice served up in the course of this love fest:
  1. "The second intifada had been begun by Yasser Arafat."
  2. "...Yasser Arafat was dealing with Iran to bring weapons in to the Palestinian territories."
  3. "Palestinians have elected a man in Mahmoud Abbas and a prime minister, now, in Salam Fayad...."
  4. "It's very hard to imagine a partner for peace that refuses to renounce violence and refuses to recognize the right of the other partner to even exist...."
  5. "And we saw what Hamas did in Gaza, when they threw people off of buildings and then knelt to pray."
A journalist might have a few comments on these remarks. For example Norris might have said:
#1 - That is an extreme oversimplification Sec. Rice and shows that you accept completely the Israeli-Zionist version of events which calls into question the "honest broker" image you try to portray. Many credit Israeli brutality and Ariel Sharon's armed visit to the Temple Mount with sparking that Intifada."

#2 - Your claim about Iranian weapons and Arafat was never proven and again completely accepts the IDF version.

#3 - Fayad was not elected but appointed by Abbas, whose government a majority of
Palestinians rejected in the January 2006 elections that Hamas won.

#4 - But Israel refuses to renounce indiscriminate violence and collective punishment and the Likud party of Ariel Sharon who you strongly supported declares all of Palestine for Israel in its charter.

#5 - You certainly do embellish the violence of Hamas while ignoring the Fatah crimes during the time you are referring to - and of course you never mention the atrocities of the Israeli military against Palestinians which go back for decades.
One could go on and on. Not only does Norris never challenge the outright lies and slanted versions of Rice, she even lobs a whopper herself:"with groups that mean to do us harm — with Hamas...." Do us harm? Interesting that Hamas has never committed a documented terrorist act against the US and even worked to free the BBC's Alan Johnson.

Unfortunately, the whole interview is premised on the ridiculous notion that the Bush administration has not been engaged in the Israel/Palestine conflict. Not engaged? As the links above show, they've thrown the full weight of US military, diplomatic and economic support behind the Israeli government since coming to office - and that is very different than being "disengaged."


Anonymous said...

Actually, I loved this interview.

Not that Michele Norris showed herself to be anything other than worthless -- nor would I expect anything more from her. Rather, it was a valuable interview because of the chance to listen to Rice for her extended monologues .. sour, embittered, defensive, incompetent, and so very deluded.

I would say that thursday's interview with Iraq's Ambassador to the U.S., Samir Sumaidaie, was of similar value. What a sad little lickspittle, our country's little puppet-man.

Anonymous said...

(following segment):

MELISSA BLOCK: Big! Pink! Fuzzy! Bunnies!

(oh yeah, that's one hilarious photo collage)