Monday, July 09, 2007

Job Hunting In La-la Land

John Burnett is really beating the bushes in Iraq for a positive story. And since reporters seem unable to do any independent reporting there the story he gets is provided by the US Army. The Army has sent a team to set up a job fair in Baghdad and John Burnett is there:
"....The job fair was judged a success, more than a thousand people filed applications, some two hundred got jobs on the spot...and there was no bombing....but in order to win the war, in order for millions of Iraqis to go back to work - hotels and factories and shops and offices must reopen....."

Imagine if back in the summer of 2003, I'd told you that in four years the US war effort in Iraq would be failing in virtually all areas, and that Iraq would be in the midst of a vicious civil war and would be on the verge of collapse as a state, but that some reporters would still be clucking about "but in order to win the war...." Oh, and I'd have to sadly warn you, it wouldn't be the just the rightists on Fox or Clear Channel; it would be National Public Radio News. Imagine that!

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Anonymous said...

Sad. John Burnett's actually been a fairly competent & thoughtful reporter over the years (remember the Katrina reporting?). It's painful to see him used as Cheney's propagandist...