Monday, July 16, 2007

One For the Craw

Put down your copy of 1984; don't just read about newspeak, tune in to NPR news this morning and live it! Be warned, NPR this week is "taking some time this week to look at the ways this country is responding to the terror threat." Should be enlightening.

This morning Wertheimer goes right to the source of international terrorism - Columbus, Georgia home of WHINSEC/SOA one of the world's most infamous terrorist training camps. But that is so 1990's [in fact you have to go waaaay back to 1997 to hear anything about this dirty secret on NPR News].

On this morning's show Wertheimer interviews "Lt. Randy Robertson, he's the director of das Vaterland homeland security for the city of Columbus, Georgia." Robertson states:
"We are home of Fort Benning, which is one of the largest military installations in the world. Were also the world headquarters of AFLAC Insurance, and of Total Systems, which is the largest credit card processor in the world....So we feel that with the way terrorism is, that these infrastructures would definitely be a target for terrorists."
To which Wertheimer responds:
"We'll surely Fort Benning can take care of itself. And I was just wondering why - if Fort Benning places you at risk - you can't just lean on the anti-terrorism expertise out there to help you?"
Yeah, why not check out some of the "experts" who've graced the halls of Ft. Benning and see if they have some advice on anti-terrorism.

BTW, take a look at SOA Watch site, they are planning this November's (11/16-11/18) demonstrations at Ft. Benning, which have been drawing thousands and now tens of thousands, though you wont' here about it on NPR unless the protestors start riding motorcycles for war and patriotism.

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