Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School & Open Thread

To save time and sanity, I'm going to aim for a weekly (instead of daily) update of this blog. I'll probably work on it over the weekends. Here's where readers/listeners come in handy. If you hear a particularly outrageous piece on NPR News, cite it in the "Open Thread" section. Then I'll spend time on the weekend posting a summary of "greatest hits."

We'll see how this goes...should be interesting.


Porter Melmoth said...

OK, for starters, here's a link to a story about an on-air person at KUOW in Seattle, who's resigning:

'Personality Crisis
Radio Host Ken Vincent Quits over Changes at KUOW'

(Apologies for the cut/paste.)

The article isn't too in-depth, but there are plenty of implications about the politics and policies of the 'new' NPR that are obviously shaking down to the local level.

Anonymous said...

Awww, My-T... Your reprive is my loss. This has become my daily antidote to those mush-mouthed doughwads whom I can barely tolerate on my trip home or as I'm prying my eyes open in the AM. Call me an angst-ridden bunny, but at least I gained the sense to invst my money into more fruitful things now. (ya readin' this, NPR McNews?!?)

Anonymous said...

I also 'like' it when "our faaavorite radio news program", reporting on Afghanistan (hence the news on the spike in opium production), always must use the phrase "...US troops toppled the Taliban." TOPPLED, f.f.s.? Hate to be a killjoy, but when the reports are simultaneously telling of their regrouping I've likened the initial op more akin to "Weebles" (y'know, y'know - they wobble but they don't fall down).

So would it be more apropo to say we "weebled" the Taliban?

-rant off