Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Guy Raz: Garbage Hauler

It's now old news that the Petraeus-Crocker report in September will be nothing but a Betray Us White House Crock o'Bull. It's also clear that the pro-surge Op-ed written by Ol' Hard Power O'Hanlon was a Pentagon arranged fraud.

So who could possibly put a positive shine on these developments? Have no fear, Guy will save the day. On ATC yesterday Guy Raz puts in quite a performance on selling this junk to the public. Raz describes the discredited, pro-war O'Hanlon as "a military expert at the center-left Brookings Institution...often described as a moderate Democrat." Center-left? Moderate? [Yeah and moderate Democrat Joe Lieberman is a left-of-center New Englander too!]

Raz notes that in an email promoting Pollack and O'Hanlon's Op-ed the White House called them "left-wing critics of the war" and he says this is "not entirely accurate, both men supported the invasion and the recent troop surge." "Not entirely accurate" is pure spin, a manipulative way of not saying that it WAS A COMPLETE LIE.

Raz also presents a recent Gallup/USA Today poll which shows the slightest increase in Americans' positive opinions regarding the surge (up to 31% from 22% last month). Raz distorts this by claiming "polls suggest a growing number of Americans are willing to see the troop surge extend through next April, and this is precisely what General Petraeus will be asking for..." If you look at the poll there is NOTHING about extending the surge to April, but it does state that "Sixty-six percent of Americans say they favor removing all U.S. troops from Iraq by April of next year."

It's stunning that the White House and the Pentagon are going to pass off such a fraud once again on the American people, but it fits with their previous behavior. But that a "public" news service is complicit in passing this off is inexcusable.


Porter Melmoth said...

Yeah, when I heard the Big Guy's statement about Brookings being 'center-left', I thought, y'know, that's what many think NPR itself is.

I wonder if projectile vomiting from distant locations can reach the Green Zone of NPR?

Anonymous said...

Paul Rieckhoff was on Rachel's show last night (Tues.) and they pointed out how the two Brookings Inst. pussies (just speaking the vernacular) got on nine teevee shows after their pentagon-sponsored dream vacation to Iraq, and how the msm has ignored the editorial by the handful of soldiers who put their ass on the line in war, and by coming out with the truth. One of whom, by the way, took a bullet to the head between the drafting and the publication of their piece. Truly sickening.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, another fine day to be an (holds nose) NPR McNews (stop) freeloader!

Always Yours,

Unknown said...

Yesterday I turned off the radio in disgust after hearing NPR's lead about "Democratic presidential candidates changing their stance on the Iraq war". NPR news was truly catapulting the propaganda yesterday.