Friday, August 10, 2007

Lute Plays NPR Like a Fiddle

I'm sick to death of the load of crap being passed off by Bush and the US Military hierarchy. Today NPR interviews "War Czar" General Lute. Lute tells Michele Norris that there has been "demonstrable progress" on security in Iraq and the bemoans lack of political progress from the Iraqis. Just for once, wouldn't it be great if one of these talking heads of NPR challenged these BS-meisters from the Pentagon. Juan Cole has done some excellent work on debunking this murderous spin (see his article on and this entry on his blog). In their blog, the editors at Foreign Policy also take on this myth of progress. NPR wouldn't even have to rely on secondary analysis; they could take a look at Iraq Coalition Casualties and ponder the numbers and the articles on the sidebar. The picture is clear: there has been no progress for the US in Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose that is why these "BS-meisters" dare not go on a program that's truly confrontational (and no, 'Gross-out' hardly counts). Their safety is assured on NP-aRf (and heck, they can pimp a book in the process).