Friday, August 17, 2007

Neighbors Talking to Neighbors

Siegel talks to David Brooks, a columnist at The New York Times, and Ruth Marcus, a columnist and editorial board member at The Washington Post. They get around to Karl Rove's resignation:

Brooks: "He's a relentlessly cheerful figure. He's incredibly well for his public getting Republicans to win he was a master, and he did it by getting neighbors talking to neighbors and that is how you win voters....on substance I actually think he had quite a lot of the right ideas. He tried to make the Republicans the reform party..."

Marcus: "I was struck as I listened to him [Rove] much he, 'the Architect' has actually teed up a foundation at least for the fall..."

No comment needed.


Anonymous said...


"Neighbors talking to neighbors..."

About...turd blossoms. Wow.
I'm so glad I already know about National Propaganda Radio or I'd have fallen off my chair.

Prediction: They will get even worse to keep the GOP, the homebase of support for the CIA and Pentagon, from being eradicated by voters in 2008.

The ship of state is best hijacked by keeping as many passengers as possible in the muddled middle, no landslides for the anti-authoritarian Dems.

The GOP is going to get lots of NPR thumbs on their side of the opinion scales for a long time to try and make up for Vietnam II weighing against them.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that jumbo-sized drool cups were passed around during that little bit of misguided fawning (but of course, what else does one expect from Bobo Brooks). The only area that porcine manipulator was skillful at was in fearmongering the gullible to "win" elections.

Truly gag-worthy.