Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oops, Wrong Colonel!

Scott Simon might have well as talked to Col. Sanders instead of NPR favorite, Col. Gary Anderson. Anderson is on to talk about all the security progress that the US "surge" has achieved in Iraq and how a withdrawal will ruin it.

This continuing fraud of progress is breathtaking. If you didn't catch Nir Rosen on Democracy Now! this week, it is well worth watching (and very sad) - like Patrick Cockburn of the Independent, Rosen actually spends a lot of time outside the Green Zone (literally and figuratively).

If you follow developments at I-Casualities, or read Juan Cole's Informed Comment, you can't but be furious at NPR's absolute whitewash of the nightmare that the US war criminals have made of Iraq. They should be asking every day when the architects of this mess will be held accountable. That would take some integrity - something utterly lacking in the leadership at NPR News.

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Anonymous said...

That's finger-lickin' infuriating, in fact. But then, I'd expect nothing else from (holds nose) NPR McNews - don't let reality and "facts on the ground" cloud the programming (in every sense of the word) & Green-Zone happy talk.