Friday, August 10, 2007

Open Thread

NPR related comments are always appreciated. Fire away!


Anonymous said...

(clear throat and holds nose)....
"Support for NPR comes fruuuummmm... PepsiCo, makers of Aquafina - a purified bottled water for daily hydration needs."

That one cracked me up back in the day (how does one "make" water anyway?) - had to post it just for posterity's sake.

Enjoy the weekend! Got NOW & Moyers on tonight! Parrrty!

Kevan Smith said...

Well, AquaFina admits they get it from the tap, just like po' folk.

Anonymous said...

Yep, caught that little tidbit.

Oh, anyone catch the "The Annoying Scott Simon Guffawing to Annoying Music Show" segment this morning? Nice(?) periodic diversion to what should REALLY be reported on.
(sorry, hate being a gossip)

Porter Melmoth said...

Indeed, the SS let loose, but at least he didn't cry for 'mercy'. Now that he's hopscotching his way through his show more than ever, like a kid surrounded by shiny objects, the limpness of his performance has increased multifold. His energy fading, his banality coming into full flower, he's the one Neocon Public Radio personality who's virtually withering before our ears. How long before he gets dumped? Bets, anyone? When it happens, he won't have the faintest inkling at to why.

Thanks, big!pink!, for the bullseye James 'Light-In-The-Wilderness' Wolcott quote yesterday. JW is always a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a betting bunny in that regard, Porter. It is my belief that e(M)PtyR rewards lameness anymore; it's the "revolutionaries" that are given the axe (Bob E being the closest fit to that description?).