Thursday, August 16, 2007

Open Thread

Comments related to NPR? Bring 'em on!


Anonymous said...

NPR is attempting to counter the bad vibes of death in the headlines happy withcounterpropaganda.

Yesterday when the bad news was that
>the six trapped miners are probably dead and
>scores more were killed in Iraq and
>AG Gonzales is trying to speed up death row executions by shortening the appeals process...
...All Things Considered did a stream-of-consciousness associational parade of stories that included
>some country or city (I missed which one) declaring 9/12 to be a day of procreation for "new little patriots"
>a physician describing listening to unborn babies complete with a constant audio bed (instead of no miners breathing)
>review of a rock band's album called 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' (baby talk-get it?) and closing the half hour with the band's upbeat song about childhood fun with "cherrybombs" (ya know-explosions that are fun).

NPR does this kind of subliminal framing and counterpropaganda ballast against bad news for authority all the time.

Search up "Operation Mockingbird" to find out how long so-called mainstream media has been run by the CIA using all the co-opted Ivy League behavioral science rearch.

And thanks for this blog.

Anonymous said...

Almost forget-

To counter the bad vibes of AG Gonzales speeding up the execution process there was a 'Fresh Air' interview with author Michael Harvey about his book called 'The Chicago Way.' Harvey told us about how many times the cops can't get their man because of technicalities and an anecdote about a rapist ID'ed years after the crime but laws prevented prosecution so the laws need changing.

This 'Fresh Air' was not atypical for its obvious attempt to grease the wheels of public opinion in front of bad legislation.

NPR is Voice of America for people who might occasionally read.

Anonymous said...

Ah, and it's reasons such as these that I am proud to boast my support has lapsed long ago. YIPPEE, I'M KARMA-FREE!!! (though I should be sending something to the venerable CURSOR, and even NOW & Moyers - just keep Ken Burns off-a my stash!)

That "gagaga" crap so is apropo for NPR McBabyTalk

Kevan Smith said...

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is actually a good album. The reason NPR reviewed it is because it's by Spoon, who are way beyond expiration date. It's a comeback album that almost succeeds. You won't see them touching something like The Weirdo Rippers, after all.

Kevan Smith said...

FAIR takes NPR to task briefly on this week's Counterspin.

Apparently, Ydstie interviewed a nuclear industry figure and claimed that nuclear power is being viewed as a favorable energy option by environmental organizations. But he didn't disclose that NPR receives a substantial sum from nuclear companies.

Check it out: http//

Anonymous said...

The ghoulish Gross' broadcasting is in really stark contrast to that of Ira Glass, who does "This American Life" for PRI. Check out this piece and this piece, too for stories about prosecutorial misconduct. And thanks, Anon, for the Operation Mockingbird info.

Unknown said...

larry, dfh - yes yes yes! Ira Glass is yet another "entertainer" who's ended up doing reporting that puts the traditional media to shame.