Friday, August 17, 2007

Open Thread

Got a comment on NPR News? Post it here.


Anonymous said...

So there's an Alan Tomlinson reporting for NPR.

Any doubt that he's related to former head of the Broadcast Board of Governors (Voice of America, Radio Marti, etc.) and former reich-wing head of PBS, Ken Tomlinson?

Where's Elmer Davis when you need him?

Anonymous said...

See how they run.And hide behind mirrors.

Ya know that eco-friendly warm hug of a show called 'Living on Earth' we hear on NPR? Ya know what Operation Mockingbird is?

Here's a 2002 LOE show about...mockingbirds. Ahem.
(Did you know that when CIA Director William Colby dumped 'the family jewels' onto the Church Senate Committee in 1975 that he had records on 400 names of press working with CIA?
Stay tuned...)

HARTMAN:...What keeps her fascinated? For starters, Logan says, a typical male can sing up to 400 different songs. Most, if not all of them, are stolen from other species, making the mockingbird the original Napster.
HARTMAN: Logan says that as a psychologist, she believes humans are trapped within their own conceptions of the universe...while other creatures have theirs.

LOGAN: I’m sure, for example, that my dog, Louie, that he perceives the world and comprehends the world entirely differently than I do, because his world is an olfactory world. And my world is a visual world and an acoustical world. And, I find it fascinating to get to know another species that is deeply intelligent in the way that I think mockingbirds are. But that perceives the world in ways that are just totally foreign to me.

HARTMAN: But after a quarter century of study, the ways of the mockingbird are a lot less foreign to Cheryl Logan than to just about anyone else. For Living on Earth, I’m Leda Hartman in Greensboro, North Carolina.