Monday, September 17, 2007

Open Thread

NPR News related comments are welcomed.


masbrow said...

Here's some lyrics for the NPR theme:
"General Petraus General Petraus,
General Petraus General Petraus,
ain't he great?"

Anonymous said...

Haha, masbrow - good one! I can just hear the whole cast of characters now! (since after all they enunciate so sing-songily practically in the key of F#).
I found myself becoming very livid over this afternoon's little tidbit regarding some entrepeneur trying to produce an electric car. Within Elizabeth Children's (haha) scattershot "coverage" was that the car's maximum speed is 25 mph and that the price tag was pretty much that of the Lexus dealer. And most glaringly, ZERO mention of the EV-1 as produced by GM from the 90s, I think it was - as chronicled in the doc "Who Killed the Electric Car?". I mean sheesh, I'd think even a "VROOOOM" sound effect from Mel Gibson as per stated flick would've trumped this lame-ass show's flagrant ignoring of a (brief) period when a limited amount of plug-in vehicles were being manufactured by a "Big 3" company and leased to some lucky Californians. Bleepin' bozos. Over to you, Susan Stambeyyyyyrg......

masbrow said...

I sent this message to NPR today:
During a report on the Iranian president's visit to New York, your reporter repeated the lie that Ahmedinijad has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map". This canard has been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked by respected Farsi scholars. What he actually said was something like "The Zionist Regime should disappear from the page of time". This is a call for a change of government in Israel, not the destruction of the Country. Not to mention the fact that the president of Iran has no power over foreign policy, a fact that one would never learn from listening to NPR. You at NPR should be ashamed of yourselves for repeating US Government Propaganda designed to manufacture support for War against yet another country that is no threat to the United States. Apologize or change your name to National Propaganda Radio

A Disgusted Listener,
Mason Brown

Anonymous said...

Heh- I'd say expect nothing less than the typical robo-response. Or if your letter is actually read on the air on Thuyyyyyrsday, they'll still locute it with that oblivious sunny-day sing-songy demeanor that makes most of us holding our stomachs.

Nice try, though.