Sunday, September 30, 2007

Working for Blackwater

Interesting how some journalists describe Blackwater's most recent massacre. The Independent notes:
  • "The reports we got from members of the public, Iraqi security personnel and government officials, as well as our own research, leads to a markedly different scenario than the American version. There was a bomb blast. But it was too far away to pose any danger to the Blackwater guards, and their State Department charges. We have found no Iraqi present at the scene who saw or heard sniper fire."
Last Sunday morning Hansen, opted to go with the lowest casualty count: "at least 8 Iraqis were killed." At this time estimates ranged from 8 to 28 killed. Hansen also interviewed Garrels and basically spun the story as a "they said" "we said" event.

Consider also McClatchy's informative and disturbing coverage of Blackwater given this week as compared to NPR's "balanced" coverage.

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