Thursday, November 29, 2007

Making Sh_t Up!

Guy Raz, NPR's resident warnographer, touts Bush's trip to the Pentagon where W was stumping for unlimited money for his Iraq holocaust.

Here was a stunning statement from Raz:
"The President is popular with the military. As he walked down one of the Pentagon famously long corridors uniformed men and women shouted and applauded; some snapped pictures. Many of them agree with the President's argument that support for the troops requires unconditional Congressional funding for the war."
" popular with the military." Funny, I haven't seen any updated polls of active duty military personnel since last December, but back then Bush wasn't exactly surging in popularity with the military. Take a look at this from the Military Times or this from USA Today/Gallup. So, here it is nearly December, so there should be some new polls out soon. Who knows, maybe Raz will be proved right - but for now he's just shoveling the garbage, making up facts based on his strolls down Pentagon halls.

Is it Guy Raz or the Pentagon?

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Anonymous said...

Had the grave misfortune of catching Ga-ga Gooiy the she-male's glowing adoration as well (in fact when they were introducing the feature and its contributor, I hurried to boot up my BS detector). When I heard the "popular with the military" bit I just KNEW it was going to warrant a "My-T" rebuttal! Such a reckless blanket statement.