Friday, November 02, 2007

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

From my blog, more or less:

Like most bloggists, sometimes I wonder why I devote any irreplaceable time to such matters as NPR. But the thing is, it's important to ventilate if something really bugs you. So I wobble onward.

No need to get too detailed, but there was a segment this morning that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (as if there are doubters on this blog), that NPR aids and abets those with a neocon agenda. It was hosted by Great Scott (Simon - everybody's favorite NPR 'humanist', who's actually pretty steeped in the fuddy-duddyness of neo-conservatism, though he may not even know it yet).

Well, this particular segment was a little showcase for two neocons - I don't even need to name them, as they are standard-issue types without one iota of profundity between them, though they 'differ' on a couple of dilettante-ish issues from the stale smorgasbord of failed neocon junk food that's so casually marketed to the hungry masses.

Anyway, one of them said that Iran had nuclear weapons already, and the other boldly and patriotically said that they didn't, but implied that they would soon, so we better catch 'em, to paraphrase George C. (truly Great) Scott in 'Dr. Strangelove', 'with their pants down!' This dude advocated bombing Iran as if there would be no consequences, as if doing so was akin to picking up some consumer item at a big box store or something equally self-centered. As if, 'I want what I want and I want it now.' Classic American Enterprise Institute-speak, where scholars and consultants labor day and night for the world's benefit. Because, as that first-class bastard and bulldozer Robert Moses was wont to say, 'You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.'

As for humanitarian Simon, he dealt with the two bozos with ever so much grace and gentleness, posing only the most daintily-worded 'challenges' that were about as imposing as a 5th grade introduction to putting together a class newsletter. Predictably, there was absolutely NO contrasting or opposing debate to the two guests' inane offerings, nor was any such thing promised. No matter, NPR was simply fulfilling its' mandate of acting as publicist for neocon concerns, part of its' diligent and years-long program of infiltrating the educated middle and upper classes of the nation, and doing in those old Commie-pinko-fag professors once and for all. Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Port.

It is a blessing to (finally) have a sympathetic place to vent and air one's ~ever-growing!~ displeasure regarding Smarmy McNews - sure is more useful than leaving toothprints on the steering wheel when driving home from work with you-know-crappy-what on the radio to put a perfect capper on the day.

And my weekend mornings are much, much more pleasant now since I no longer instinctively "reach for that dial" (not even for Schorr's little wrap-up of the week). Commendations to those who can tolerate what I no longer can.