Monday, November 12, 2007

Open Thread

Same NPR, different day! NPR news related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Sunday night I saw the Nov 11 movie on this list. There was a Q&A afterwards with the producer, and one of the Q's was from some woman who identified herself as "an NPR liberal". She asked why there were no conservative voices in the film. The producer graciously explained that his requests had all been turned down, but also that "there is such a conservative corporate media slant anyway" that he didn't feel compelled to air their views. This pretty much sums up the "information" provided by NPR, that all thoughts or ideas demand exactly 2 opposing mindsets. That is, the truth is negotiable. And art is nothong more than a compromise.

Anonymous said...

Catching up with this blog I saw a reference to "NPR ombudsman"! What a shock. It's only what... 17 months since Jeffrey Dvorkin quit?

Gee what took National Propaganda so long? Maybe they found it inconvenient to have someone around who's supposed to be an "independent voice" for the listener? Or what?

I notice they didn't announce this new Ombudsman. Do you suppose it's to avoid the embarrassment of the last one who only lasted 2 months on the job?

Remind me again, does any of my tax money go to this shoddy outfit?

I heard them harrassing Al Gore today about whether or not he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize.