Tuesday, December 25, 2007


On Christmas Eve's ATC, NPR once again airs a piece on refugees from Iraq without focusing at the main story - that the US is doing NOTHING to solve a humanitarian crisis of its own making. Instead, in some twisted homage to the Christmas season, we get a feel-good piece about one poor Iraqi woman and her three children who are living in Atlanta after years of trying to get in to the US. This single mom has finally landed a job as a domestic at a hotel. Seriously, I'm happy that this one Iraqi and her children found a way out of the hell that the US has turned Iraq into, but the piece is manipulative, and reminds me of CNN's and sicko-Gupta's self-promoting "Rescuing Youssif" story.

The report by Kathy Lohr had the gall to point out how little Jordan does for the refugees that have flooded that country. The part of the report that had to make any self-respecting person want to throw up was Lohr playing the woman saying "Thank you America" about five times. Here's the write up of it off NPR's website:
"I am very happy America, going here. My children [are] going [to] school. I am very happy. I am [able to] sleep. Thank you, America. I am going [to work in the] morning. Thank you, America. I am [able to] eat. Thank you, America. Every time, thank you, thank you, America."
I don't blame this poor woman for saying this at all; what's she going to say, "Thanks for f---ing up my country you bunch of ignorant, violent imbeciles. I always wanted to flee my country and commute two hours to and from work each day to clean hotels in Atlanta - Thank you!"?

NPR should be calling, knocking, emailing, calling, and calling all their precious contacts in the State Department and the Pentagon and asking, "So what have you done and are you doing to address the 4 million plus refugee problem that you created?" When they've done that about fifty times, and pointed out that the US hasn't done jack, then they can work on some "Welcome to Bailey Park" b.s. like this pathetic report...ugh...


Porter Melmoth said...

For any Iraqi refugee 'lucky' enough to make it to the US: WELCOME TO POTTERVILLE.

Porter Melmoth said...

PS: Can you imagine the extremes the Americans go to in finally allowing the dribble of 'approved' Iraqis to emigrate to the US? We wouldn't want no sneaky fakes to establish 'terror cells' in the Vaterland or anything.

The seeds of this disaster as it mutates will be with us for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and we could readily postulate that said 'lucky ones' may be pressed to sign a waiver allowing themselves to be interviewees/props for feel-good, pro-American puff pieces such as the one that prompted this alert (the NPR magic reporting pixies sure seemed to track 'em down efficiently enough, eh?).