Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Good Ship Condi Rice

Thanks to readers for noting the revolting homage to Condoleeza Rice served up by Steve Inskeep in his interview with the coward-journalist, Elizabeth Bumiller. Incredibly lapdog Bumiller and Inskeep talk about how unbelievably smart Rice is. Bush (who wowed Bumiller durng Colbert 's finest performance) not only mentors her, but she mentors Bush! That does explain a few things about US foreign policy doesn't it? Not mentioned are the lies of Rice, including that little "mushroom" remark or the bunk about al-Qaeda and Hussein that Rice was still harping on in Sept. of 2006. Good God, listening to NPR's piece, you'd never realize what a failure Rice's career has been.


section9 said...

I don't believe this. You actually waste bandwidth running a blog with the pretense the NPR is a Right Wing mouth piece?

Jesus Christ! Did Mao piss you off because he eased up towards the end of the Cultural Revolution?

Anonymous said...

Saints be praised that I don't wake up to this crapola anymore- this fan convention would've cast a pallor on an otherwise pleasant day. Curiously for suuuuuch a smart lady, on the topic of vanishing CIA tapes, it sounds like she's mimicing her former colleague at Justice (one Gonzo of note). And of course we all recall how well that worked for him.

Yyyyyyeah, and the fact that the Innkeeper is interviewing the intrepid reporter who gave us such hard-hitting information as what's on Bush's iPod or his summer reading list would've had me running for the power button (yet again).

Thanks for the news on the trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

PS: ^WOW - I see at last a dissenting opinion has roosted, and with previously unbreached blasphemy yet to boot. Guess we were getting to be too cozy within our a mutual admiration society? (giggle giggle)

Anonymous said...

the rats come in when there's some tasty cooking in the kitchen. (Maybe... rice?)

Anonymous said...

Didja hear about the new word coined based on Condi's role at Annapolis?

A new verb was added to the Hebrew language: Le’kandel, “to come and go for meetings that produce few results,” coined from the first name of Condoleezza Rice.

NYTimes' Steve Erlanger explains the Hebrew references for you heathens out there:
“Kindalti kol ha-shavu’a” (“I came and went all week long for a meeting that produced few results”), or “Hi mikandelet yoter midai” (“She’s coming and going for too many meetings that produce few results”)


Anonymous said...

section9, you funny. Now go back to eating Cheetos.

Porter Melmoth said...

Ellen, thanks for the translations of CondoSleeza's only tangible contributions to the Mideast: expanding the already well-rounded Hebrew language.

On the serious side, NPR is a complete failure regarding well-rounded coverage of what Israelis think of their own government. That's a fact that has to be stated over and over. There is a fine tradition of dissent in Israel, but you'd never know it from Nationbuilding Propagandistic Radiation. I remember during the USSR era, dissenters were HEAVILY covered in the West. Ditto Iraq under Saddam, of course. But here we have Israel, under the very unpopular Olmert & Co., with polls showing significant numbers of Israelis favoring, well, PEACE, and that Gradstein person, Our Gal in (bed with) Tel Aviv, still pounds the rightwing drum for the rightwing causes. The obviousness of NPR's preference for one-sided reporting of the Israel-Palestine situation shows direct collusion with BushCorp's agenda in the Mideast.

Life As I Know It Now said...

when I mentioned something about Condi's big oil connections on my blog I had my first hate comment. seems like she has some bloggers for hire out to defend her ass.

Anonymous said...

Gee, imagine that - the Rice-a-Phony Street Team. Like, where do I go to sign up? But first, off to stock up on those artificially flavored puffed cheese snacks.

yuk-yuk bunny