Friday, December 07, 2007

Oh My God, As Little as a Year...

As the fallout from the NIE report on Iran's lack of a nuclear bomb program as of 2003 dominates the headlines (and don't even look for the virtually unreported details of Iran's nearly complete cooperation with the IAEA), NPR bends over backward this morning to stoke the fires of FEAR. Here's the blow by blow of this little neocon remix from NPR's science reporter, Christopher Joyce.

  • Montagne: "Iranian engineers continue to make uranium fuel....Experts point out that enriching uranium for fuel leaves a big part of the weapons apparatus intact."
  • Joyce: "You make fuel for a nuclear power plant or material for a bomb the same way."
  • Joyce: "...even if Iran has in fact stopped designing a weapon, the enrichment process is really the biggest single step toward making one."
  • Pierre Goldschmidt (being interviewed): "And clearly Iran is still working and making progress on nuclear material production and on delivery systems with their ballistic missiles."
  • Joyce citing Goldschmidt: "He says there's no evidence that Iran has abandoned efforts to get that capability [nuclear weapons capability] and President George Bush noted in his press conference..."
  • Joyce (wrapping up the story): "could take Iranian scientists as little as a year to produce enough highly enriched uranium for a bomb."
What are we waiting for? Let's load up the bunker busters and stop them while there's still time!


Anonymous said...

Here's something really scary -according to a study of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in a nuclear war between Iran and Israel, Iran would kill 200,000-800,000 people outright, "making recovery theoretically possible", while Israel would kill between 16 million and 28 million Iranians, "making recovery not possible in the normal sense of the term."

Now...if you're an Israeli of a certain mentality, this might look like a reasonable proposition. It's Iran that should be scared.


Anonymous said...

Sad thing. Just a little peek at history shows that generation after generation just gets played.

PBS check - watched the "Ken Burns (vb) the War" interview on NOW last night, I got absolutely nothing out of that - oh yes, war is horrible but but but (look at the camera! hey, i'm on tv!)

bunny barf cleanup in aisle 5

Porter Melmoth said...

Boy, big!pink!, I'm sorry your bunny belly is such a victim of the sociopaths now in power in the land. You might try installing some cast iron, as we all need to toughen up for the ordeal ahead. Ya gotta have stamina in order to 'have the stomach' as Cheney would say, to put up with these beastly types. Dick should know, as that baldo tanker, who is in the last throes of his shadowy emperorship, is more dangerous than ever. He's so jealous of Chavez, Musharraf and Putin, that he's currently working on a coup that would make him V.P. For Life.

Ellen, spot on with your Iran statement. Israel obviously possesses overkill capability, but playing the neighborhood victim has worked so well for so long, why should they give it up now?

Anonymous said...

Just gotta let you folk know -
I have gradually moved this site up in my bookmark world until it has now entered the rarified air of the chosen - the most frequently visited.

So now you gotta keep up the pungent comments, incisive analysis and sardonic humor.

The pressure is on!