Friday, December 21, 2007

Open Thread

NPR related comments are always appreciated.


Kevan Smith said...

I'm not listening to ATC or ME these days, and I don't miss it. In fact, when I do tune it in, I can't stand more than a couple of minutes before the NPR tone annoys me into changing stations.

That tone, however, is carefully calculated and crafted. NPR targets a certain demographic, and if you aren't in it, they don't really "serve" you.

Every time I hear someone say how NPR is a "great resource," I have to roll my eyes. Invariably those people have a disconnect with reality and history. They aren't listening to NPR for information, but for confirmation of their attitude.

Hey, I just wanted to rant today. Sorry I had nothing specific.

Porter Melmoth said...

That's OK K.S., I've been squeezing in similar thoughts with my 'two centses' along the way myself. Indeed, I've 'decommissioned' NPR to the point where it's only a thing to follow for the effect its having. Problem is, with their ratings up, listeners are turning to them MORE than ever.
NPR rants are important because they've enjoyed quite a trouble-free ride for a long time, and they deserve exacting scrutiny and well-placed criticism.

Anonymous said...

Rant away indeed! That makes it one of the more joyful moments of an otherwise dull-like-NPR-dull day. We here may be a small, tribal break-off of the melting glacial subculture but it sure is warm not to feel so alone and with nowhere to go in one's disgust of the 'resource' in question. You're a wonderful support group.

holiday bunny out

Life As I Know It Now said...

Well I do listen still once in a while. I liked the piece they did on the returning vets who have PTSD and how these vets are not getting the treatment they deserved. That was a good story for once by NPR.