Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it Bush or Montagne?

This morning, NPR offers its insights into the Bush trip to the Middle East. Montagne opens the piece this morning with this:

"President Bush sets off today for a swing through the Middle East. He'll attempt to nudge Israelis and Palestinians toward peace....he'll also visit key Gulf allies to talk about what he sees as a rising Iranian threat; that's a view bolstered by an incident on Sunday when a group of Iranian boats charged and threatened American warships on their way into the Persian Gulf....."

Holy mackerel, "nudge Israelis and Palestinians toward peace"! What frickin' planet have these NPR hacks being living on? Bush has backed Israeli expansion, aggression, killing, and violence full bolt since taking office. She didn't even present it as "the administration says it's going to....," she just states this bald lie as fact--unbelievable. And then, God forbid NPR not address the "rising threat" of Iran. I love how she just parrots the US military version of events as if its fact. Oh yeah, I bet those US warships were really "threatened."

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Anonymous said...

This (Thursday) afternoon, they had a brief clip of Bush, and he talked about the "nudge". It would seem that NPR, once again, is using the Whitehouse-supplied verbage to describe things. They don't appear to be doing anything other than stenography. The least amount possible, the lowest common denominator.