Monday, January 21, 2008

Open Thread - MLK Holiday

Anti-war and anti-poverty greetings to all. It's a new week. Lively contributors in the open thread have been covering NPR (so I don't have to). To those wanting a little antidote to NPR's State Department reporting out of Venezuela, is great - here's a link to their posts on "student movements."

I don't know how NPR will play the latest Israeli war crime against Gaza, but Gradstein, apologist for Zionism, mentioned on the hourly reports last night that "Hamas shut off the power plant" and that Israel is still providing 2/3 of the electricity to Gaza.

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Anonymous said...

And yet the video I saw on teevee last night showed Gaza totally in the dark...the only illumination being from car headlights.

2/3rd's my ass. Goddamned Israeli war criminals.