Saturday, January 26, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

NPR had a piece on the death of Indonesia's former President Mohammed Suharto, which, though its complete and utter omission, verified the public's general ignorance as truth: That the United States government, and specifically the CIA, had no role whatsoever to play in his criminal rule, or in massive number of murders his regime perpetrated in the name of "anti-communism". And the US certainly didn't give the go-ahead to Suharto's invasion and slaughter of East Timor. When NPR appears to inform but in fact lies through omission, what can that be besides propaganda?

NPR should adopt Bill Hick's old trope: "Go back to sleep, America". Oh hey, Car Talk's coming up. Those guys crack me up.

Porter Melmoth said...

Coupla Sunday morn sour nothings:

- Auntie Liane seemed to be pretty heavy on the butter when buttering up NPR's Most Valuable Peabody-Likely Player (which is certainly justified, due to his good works), 'Danny' Zwerdling on some cookery segment this morning. NPR's pretty good at pandering to trophyism.

- Kudos to John Edwards for capably disposing of Auntie's brain-dead negative questioning of the ex-senator, post-SC primary. She applied a sickening approach that implied, 'there, there, John, I'm sorry and all that, but why don't you just give in and tell Auntie-Knows-Best that you've failed' - or something. What the hell did she expect him to say, 'You nailed it, Liane, it's all over' ? Yes, I think she did.

Can you imagine the attitude of the (Dem) candidates out there, regarding their NPR interviews? I have yet to hear any of the Dem candidates who really seem to like any of the NPR personalities - and vice-versa, of course. And how could they? NPR treats them which such obvious disdain and coyness. I can imagine even someone like Jimmy Carter saying to himself, 'F.U., NPR!' after an interview with them.

How the hell did so many closet neocons end up at this supposedly 'liberal' news outlet, especially those who were there when we were all hoodwinked into thinking that it actually WAS a liberal outlet?

What's that proverb, the older you get the more conservative you get? Yeah, especially when you get paid relatively big bucks for it.

Porter Melmoth said...

Q: Why does oldtimer Corey Flintstone have to sound like a snotty teenager, what with all those bizarre emphases he gives when he's spitting out a story? Why?

A: Well, because nobody at NPR's ever told him, 'cut the affectations, Core. They sound really stupid.'

Anyway, I heard his report about US personnel dinkin' around with 'nation-building' in rural Iraq, and it was really quite shocking. More nude evidence that the US, particularly under its' current mandate of empire building, doesn't know how to DO this 'hearts and minds' thingie. There's so much disparity of understanding and method. That's why the US has to exercise its imperialism militarily, because there isn't a sincere motive behind it, and it glaringly shows.