Thursday, January 31, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Thought I'd re-post these super-important messages here, from the bottom of the last open thread.

Gruesome time capsules these, to be replaced by a never-ending supply of more, more, MORE sick-making NPR sludge!

(Yester)day's ATC:

- An absolutely contemptible report by Karen Grigsby-Bates on a medical marijuana outlet in LA. Smug isn't an adequate enough word. All the classic NPR touches of offensive delivery, innuendo, and barely-disguised disdain were on parade. NPR's peevish priggishness at its very worst, nicely exhibited to scoff at.

- A 'witty' postmortem on Ghouliani's quitting the prez race, a rare bit of 'gotcha' journalism (while trying to be clever, too!) on NPR, but only wheeled out when the scene is safe, and it's OK to show off a bit of drivel-y NPR 'humor'.

- John Edwards' media freeze-out lasts to the end. Much more time was given to Ghouliani's bailing than Edwards' bow-out, with very little exposition.

ME Low-note:

Terrible-quality Deford satire on the Super Bowl, via Shakespearian recitations. No great horror in itself, except that he had some NPR stalwarts do the different character voices. Big mistake. No wonder Ari Shapiro didn't make it in acting school.

ME Hi-note:

- My good Philip Reeves had a nice little segment on India's new mini-car, the Nano. The way he 'did the numbers' as a demonstration of the multiplying of the car population in India should shock the crap out of those timid NPR devotees.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wrap-up, Porter. Makes me feel I didn't miss much. ;-D

Perhaps KGB will have a change of heart if/when a loved one is fighting for life and needs a little relief (and not that I'm wishing it on her); one can argue its recreational use (tee hee) but for medicinal reasons?! It's a no-brainer, as they are prone to say.

I'm certain I'm in good company here by exclaiming that one of my FAVVVVVORITE segments is "Thursday, the day we read from your email" - yes, of course I'm hoping listeners will bust on 'em! Tonight they were taken to task with the "Now that John Edwards is out of the race, who do the white guys vote for?" story; was it Ahhhhdam Daaaaaavidson's? - Ha! you got punk'd, b*tch! (hey wait, you can say that word on TV now!)

Anonymous said...

Last night I caught one of the between-the-show news updates from DanaTempleRaston, and realized just how misinformed I have been about FISA. Apparently it's just a few mean Senators who wasnt to punish some telecommunications companies who were "helping the government out" with its (ILLEGAL) surveilance programs. I feel a whole lot better now, knowing that there was nothing worth mentioning at all. Kinda like the recent signing statement by bush, where he said he'll build permanent bases in Iraq if he wants, in violation of the law he just signed. Must not be very important, because I haven't heard about it on NPR. My local (whyy) is in fund-raising mode. I should pay them for intentionally keeping me ignorant?

Anonymous said...

Yyyep, 'fund-razing' (sic) time here as well! MY (emphasized for bragging) station ties their campaign in with sending a half-dozen or dozen long-stemmed, red roses boxed with greens to your loved one! (Sadly I was once so gullible, public radio-wise. Years ago.)

Anonymous said...

PS: Had to chuckle when I saw a web-ad for the home viddy release of that recent Jodie Foster flick - uh, what's it called? 'The Brave One'? (we may recall the scenario is of a public radio host gone 'postal') Anyway, doesn't her 'do look totally like Annie Garrulous?! I see great opportunity in a future Mytwords photoshop!

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes my bunny!, all part of the same franchise. If you're 'in' it, amateur critics such as we don't account for nothin'. We can only pine to be . . . what, one of 'them'??