Friday, February 01, 2008

Hard Hitting Journalism Triumphs

Man, that was some gutsy coverage that NPR gave to the latest survey by Opinion Research Business showing that the US led Iraq war has killed over a million Iraqis. After all that is something that US listeners should know about a war that our nation started and that we are paying for.

I guess I've gotten so jaded and critical of NPR that I would have thought they'd opt for doing something crass and stupid like doing not one, not two, not three, but four (!) reports on the Superbowl this morning and then following it up with one or two big stories on it in the afternoon. But really, you'd have to have to be pretty sick to put hyping a football game over covering our nation's responsiblity for killing over a million people in less than five years. NPR would never do that...would they?

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Anonymous said...

Simple formula, really - focus on the news Americans REALLY want to hear. And we all know how Americans love their football! (zzzz) Equation? - RATINGS

On the other side of the dial, tonight's PBS lineup was spectacular! I'm now completely won over to D. Branciacco; in my book he's redeemed himself ably from his MarketPlace tenure. And then, Moyers kicked major butt!-- Henry Waxman on for most of the show! Now THAT guy should have his own weekly program - very informative and instructive! And what better comedy than to put Rice-a-Phony on the hot seat and watch her squirm!