Saturday, February 09, 2008

Open Thread - Weekend

Got something to say about NPR? Put it here.


Anonymous said...

Sunday AM, time for the Lianne propagandathon. This AM there were these letters from female Iraq Servicemembers. Some of the language used in the letters and dialogue seemed fake to me...maybe I'm too cynical, but NPR gets no benefit of the doubt anymore from me. One part about how "making the world a better place requires sacrifice" was a nausea-inducing cliche. That story was immediately followed by yet another expert on Iran, warning of the dangers of their nuclear program. At least the blowhard did say that attacking Iran would be the wrong thing to do (no shit!). Lianne seemed to be reading an outdated script, because in vilifying the Iranian government she passed up the perfect opportunity in the stoning sentences haded out to 3 'adulterers'. Or maybe amongst the theocrats targeted as growth audience by NPR, stoning adulterers isn't so bad..wouldn't want to offend the sensibilities of any future suckers, I mean donors. Anyway, the juxtaposition of the two 'pieces' was no accident, using the sappy patriotism of the first piece to form the desired loathing for the Iranian government in the second.

Porter Melmoth said...

That's why these morning shows are so liable to criticism from we media-watchers: they are a haven for out-of-date 'dead-enders' - American-style - who still seek some justification for their pathetically-wrong-headed world views, as they still buy into the Neocon BS outlook, and the toxicity therein. Another perfect example, showing that NPR is basically intended for back-of-the-lathered-pack losers, supplying plenty of slop to lap up, as they are so used to passive-aggressive innuendos and are easily threatened. How I despise NPR for not raising the people to a higher standard to ascribe to!