Monday, February 11, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments always welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I have been calling NPR the National Propaganda Network since the mid-1990s, when the extremist right-wing started to force NPR to give up the last shreds of journalistic objectivity and historical context (AKA: 'liberal bias').

Latest case I heard was last week's discussion of the Grammies and female pop stars from England.

NPR mentioned that the US Department of the Comedically Paranoid to Protect the Purity of Our Precious Bodily Fluids, or OPE for short (Office on the Purity of Essence, headed by one Col. Jack T. Ripper), refused to grant Amy Winehouse a visa for her to attend the Grammies.

NPR spent 5 minutes on pop-music fluff and painstakingly skirted the actual story: why was a british pop star refused entry into the US. Just how is Amy Winehouse a threat to the security of America?

NPR left that tantalizing question un-answered.

Anonymous said...

(wiping the look of mock disbelief off my bunny whiskers...)

And yet the trumpet has been sounded that the CPB is under threat of more budget cuts from El Diablo Admin. Paragraph from Credo/Working Assets:

"Practically every day we hear a new story about media consolidation. More and more, the free press that is so essential to our democracy is owned and controlled by a smaller and smaller number of mega-corporations. Never has it been more essential to have a publicly funded, noncommercial media outlet that provides thoughtful rather than partisan news and doesn't waste our time covering Britney Spears and the baseball steroids scandal."

To which I found myself stammering: "But, but, but?..."

(though admittedly and obviously, the PBS triple threat of NOW/Moyers/Frontline is far more daring and adept at 'afflicting the comfortable' than the pitifully innocuous radio branch of the operation)

Life As I Know It Now said...

...which is why Bush is threatening PBS but not NPR perhaps...