Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Auntie Liane had some dandy pro-McCain hagiography on this morning: some worshipful biography of that guy and his forebears that properly wowed Liane The Lame. (She used that very term - 'Wow!' - really! she did!!) For a more 'Real McCain', I would point listeners toward Matt Welch's new book, 'The Myth of a Maverick', profiled on Democracy Now!:


Also, in a repeat performance from the last open thread, these important messages:

Petty but important reasons to snap off the Simonizer after only five minutes this morning: some rambling geezer from Rupert's 'WSJ' (shades of a future merger??), who simply HAD to address the two Dem candidates as 'Mrs Clinton' and 'Mr Obama' (proper enough in one sense, but silly, and very telling), and Scooter pronouncing Punjab as 'poon-jabb' rather than 'punn-jawb'. Almost as bad as the vain and not-quite-a-goddess Lakshmi and her 'pokk-ees-stawn' pronunciation, which she shamelessly flaunts. And that Juan Forero guy, with an affectation throughout his entire suspect reports, like he's talking about his favorite model airplane or video game, or whatever.

OK, enough.

Reason to point out these trifles: tiresomely repetitious mass evidence that NPR News is in its own little world, and snottily so. Not very helpful for the credibility dept.

Anonymous said...

Scottykins had on some snotty little jerk on who wrote a book in response to Barbara Ehrenreich's "Nickle and Dimed." Proved the American Dream is still alive he did. All you have to do is take a bus to work, pack your lunch, and don't waste your money on cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets!

BOB EDER said...

Anybody get NPR's The Bryant Street Project with Alison Stewart in the mornings? I thought it was great and innovative when it first aired in October 2007 but now I find it dull and repetitive.

Anonymous said...

This might be a bit late, but I did catch that bit of Scott Simon with the Duke grad who wrote a book on his year of living as a laborer. I knew right off the bat what he would say: the poor have only themselves to blame (for driving cars, not sleeping in homeless shelters to save rent money, for smoking and drinking). The fact that if you are born in a poor family you have a less than 1 in 3 chance of rising out of poverty just means that the poor are different from you and me, Muffy. Why don't they eat cake? Scotty lets the ball roll right through his legs: no question about whether knowing one has a degree from Duke, a well-to-do family, and that one can get off the slum tourbus any time you want might make a teeny-weeny bit o'difference in one's mental outlook. No mention of the effect of sickness, injury or having children to care for.

Great interview, Scott. How much do they pay you for this?

Anonymous said...

Great Scott, what an idiot he is.

Also this weekend Scott Simon said that Congress had allowed FISA to expire.

Really are the NPR staff and Scott Simon that uneducated?

It was the GOP's 'PAA (Protect America Act)', the temporary law that allowed the Executive Branch to spy on every single American citizen without cause or warrant.