Sunday, March 09, 2008

More Florida, More Fraud

Sometimes I'll see the headline of a story on NPR's website and think, "Oh man, they really are going to cover an issue I thought they'd never cover." I missed hearing most of Saturday's ATC and looking at the list of stories saw the commentary/feature "A History of Disenfranchised Florida Voters."

I was stunned. Was NPR going to turn away from its usual complicity in covering up documented fraud and disenfranchisement in the 2000 and 2004 elections? Would it turn away form its previous Orwellian praise of orchestrated Republican vote fraud?

No such luck. NPR dips back into its shallow bucket of shallow commentators - Diane Roberts again. Yes, the same Diane Roberts who found the Republican scam of Florida's 2000 election to be such a rich source of humor. This time she's interested in bringing up a bit of interesting 19th century history, while thoroughly distorting more recent events (I'd say that qualifies her to air on NPR). She lumps the 2000 Republican election fraud in Florida with general "electoral screw-ups" and describes the 2000 election problems as being "dangling chads, the missing ballots, and the all-too-present lawyers." She has the gall to claim that "rent-mobs from both parties protested outside our courthouses" when in fact only the Republicans brought in a mob that actually forced the end of the hand-counting of votes - counting that would have proved that Bush lost the Florida vote.

Ah but that was sooooo long ago.


Anonymous said...

Diane Roberts: Sorority Girl Reporter.

Anonymous said...

The topic of election fraud is even more dangerous now that this is at the heart of Karl Rove's inJustice Department railroading Gov. Don Siegelman into jail.

Siegelman lost his 2002 campaign to computer vote fraud and said so.

He got targeted for this by the White House sharks and the whole case has blown up into making real GOP politics visible yet again.

So time for more Nationalist Propaganda Radio humor and mud, natch.

NPR = domestic Voice of America even though this is illegal.