Monday, March 03, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I wish NPR could do less on TV programs, movies, actors and pop stars. It's been a trend in recent years. Must be economically necessary.

But it's a bit of a downer to tune into NPR instead of turning on the TV and then wind up with a review of a TV program you've never watched and don't plan to.

Anonymous said...

I hear that one.
Naturally Putrifying Regurgitations.

Porter Melmoth said...

They want to steer us toward 'their' tastes in things. As in, 'if you like us, then you'll also like...'

Thus the spreading regurgitation and its resulting putrefaction.

Anonymous said...

Aye that. As in, where does the news report end and the advertising plug begin? Makes me so blurry I bump into doors.

(holds nose) "The I-Heard-it-on-NPR Box Set!" (rolls on floor laughing like a bunny on silly clover) Pity the fools.

Anonymous said...

Since I haven't listened to NPR much in the last week, I hadn't realized how pro-McCain they in fact are. Yesterday was an extensive piece on the Tony Rezko affair, as was one this evening. However, dawg-lazy ol' debbie elliot went into pretty much detail (at half speed, naturally) about the Arizona congressman Rick Renzi and his 35 indictments (along with his cohorts) and she NEVER ONCE mentioned that Renzi heads the McCain campaign in AZ. Intentional oversight!