Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

I've been noticing how NPR daintily trips along on the fringes of the Spitzer scandal, uncertain about flinging terms like 'call girl' and 'prostitute' and such around. Horrors! The prudishness of the Simonizer has leaked into all aspects of Neuter Preference Reporting.

And speaking of the Simonizer! Wasn't he just the model of modesty and low-key behavior when Inscreep chirpingly interviewed him about his new book? It's got the very original title of 'Windy City' (I'm not sure, but I think it's about Chicago or somewhere...Or maybe it's a thinly-disguised autobiography about a hot-air generator...). Anyway, Scoots was referring to the fact that he 'didn't become human until he became a father' (through adoption, I might add). Well, that's really something, to admit on the air that for all those years before his fatherhood status, unsuspecting NPR listeners were hearing the pronouncements of a SUB-HUMAN ENTITY! How subversive it that??

Oh, and jolly good ATC-oriented doggerel in the other day's open thread. If all the other aspects of NPR were so covered, it'd add up to more than just a slim volume of verse.

I can only add to Myt's tag: If ye aspire to be regal, listen thou then to Sir Blobert C. Siegel!

So much to mock. So little time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Port - The First Annual NPR Check Poetry Slam has concluded. ;-D

Oh yeah, Cursor had some blurb about some schmoe's essay where he called our (dubiously) favorite radio network "National Palestine Radio. Feh. Does he even listen to them,instead of knee-jerk he freepers?

Anonymous said...

PS: Sorry, it was "National Palestinian Radio" (and my other typos are inexcusable and uneditable - cursed multitasking)

Here, darn it. No doubt you all have relished it by this time.