Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where Does Bush End and Raz Begin?

Here's Raz reporting on Bush crowing about success to mark the five year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq:
"Since March 19th 2003, nearly 4000 American troops have been killed in Iraq, and nearly 30,000 wounded. The toll in Iraqi lives is unknown, but many times greater. The cost of the war has exceeded half a trillion dollars. But for the President today is less about marking the fifth year of an unpopular war and more about marking the first year since America's prospects in Iraq began to turn around - and that's the anniversary he is more interested in highlighting."
Funny how when it's over a million Iraqi lives its "unknown," but I never hear that said about the figures given for the dead in Darfur or the Congo. And read again how Raz states that Bush is "marking the first year since America's prospects in Iraq began to turn around." He doesn't say that Bush claims the prospects have turned, he just asserts it as if it were true - even though the prospects have not improved at all. The all-out, total level of violence may be down, but it is just being postponed while the fundamental failure of the US in Iraq has not changed one little bit...


Porter Melmoth said...

Yes, Agent Raz is doing outstanding point work for BushCorp. He and Ari are NPR's brightest and most dynamic stars. Both are certainly set to 'do a Mara' and moonlight at Fox.

I'm finally hearing some references in the media that, yes indeed, since the Splurge, there has been a significant gap in on-the-ground Iraq coverage. Uh, I noticed that in the first weeks, folks. No wonder Winter Soldier testimonies are being repressed. Things are shitty in Iraq and everyone knows it but won't say it because everybody's waiting to see what Bush does while he still has a chance. Fasten your seatbelts: Adm. Fallon's out, Spitzer's no longer in the way to thwart bank robber Bernanke, and there's still 8 gruesome months to pull some nasty surprises out of the sewer.

Check out Greg Palast's report on the Spitzer/Bernanke caper:

Anonymous said...

I'd venture so far to surmise that Razzles interviewed for Fox - and was rejected ("good team player, but get more raw red-meat bovine growth hormone in your diet, and stop talking like a she-male").

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Port - I'm on Palast's email list where your link came in.

Kiddie quiz time, McNPR: which part of that essay got more air time? (oh, better not read it after all - it's scary to challenge yourselves)