Monday, April 21, 2008

The Little Laptop that Could

Tom Gjelten has been very busy little operative reporter of late on NPR (gosh, seems like it was just Friday that he was singing the praises of a CIA agent who left his mark on Latin America). He's back on with some unfinished company business on Colombia and that "miracle laptop" taken in the Colombian attack on Ecuador. Despite all the doubt about the truth surrounding the laptop and it's non-evidence, NPR just runs with it full bore.

Here's Montagne: "The fear of a terrorist group getting a nuclear weapon was revived last month. Colombia announced it had found evidence on a seized computer that a rebel army there was interested in buying uranium. Not necessarily to make a bomb but possibly to trade on the terrorism market..."

And Gjelten, follows with: "There's no evidence the left wing rebels in Colombia thought about engaging in nuclear terrorism themselves, more likely explanation for their interest in uranium is that they would have sold it - maybe even to al-Qaeda..."

One wonders if we'll ever get any unbiased examination of this supposed laptop. Probably not, but to treat this legendary little piece of hardware as hard evidence is stunning. Gjelten at least started his piece off with three words of truth - "there's no evidence." Amen!

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't even heard of this laptop story from Columbia. If I had heard the NPR 'report' I might have actually believed them.

Thanks for your updates!