Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments are always welcome.


Porter Melmoth said...

The morning NPR had another one of their 'the people speak' bits where a group of women, in PA I think, spoke their minds about which Dem candidate they wanted to vote for. NPR spiced 'er up by attempting at some sort of diversity of opinions, but how come 95% of them sounded alike? Good little NPR-types, all neatly lined up, delivering their one sentence sound bytes like, 'I thought the candidates were going to talk about issues,' (which was the 5% nonconformist section's perfectly reasonable contribution), while others seemed to be inordinately affected by the MSM's capitalization on the Obama 'elitist' BS. I mean, how mucking stupid are people, anyway, swallowing everything they hear and then reacting to it as if someone's threatening them with a pitchfork or something? Problem: LACK OF CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. Problem: MINDS MADE MALLEABLE BY THE MEDIA.

Sorry for the unverifiable scientific numbers and proper citations in this comment, but these early, early morning sessions are hard on the soul. As an antidote, I attempt to exorcize them, with mixed results. But heck, I feel better now!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Porter - Myt's blog w/comments enabled has indeed saved us from terminal outrage buildup resulting from even minor exposure to that-which-need-not-be-mentioned.

Just so happens that I live in PA, and the tv attack ads of "common folk" shaming B.O. for "the gaffe"... well, makes me wonder if they got a five-spot or a sawbuck for voicing their "opinions." If only the assumed powers that be would hammer some of the reallll classics as blurted out by the current mis-administration ("So?" would be a good start - remind us every hour on the hour into next month, like CNN on a loop!)

Today's Tom Toles op/ed cartoon (4/16) was a great allegory of the vulgar picture as painted by the make-it-stick-to-the-wall McMedia prostitutes.