Sunday, April 13, 2008


Andrea Seabrook talks to Frank Cummings, head of the Financial Crimes Research Center about people who avoid paying taxes by using off-shore tax shelters. Funny, how just today on Bob McChesney's Media Matters I heard Joseph Stieglitz talking about how Halliburton uses tax shelters in the Cayman Islands to cheat us out of paying into Medicare and Social Security (so they can beef up their profits). Not only is this happening, it has a nice, long (and ugly) history. So surely Seabrook brings up this unsavory tax-cheating and war profiteering by a company that has connections to the Vice President? Not a chance. Seabrook is off into the usual giggling inanity as she asks her guest how she would shelter her millions if she were to win the Powerball Lottery. Now that is some kind of journalism.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty sick stuff. I heard her this morning--between sleep and wakefulness, since I have my radio on overnight--and I was appalled.

OK. Maybe I wasn't appalled: just nauseated. And I emailed the ersatz ombudswoman (who never answers her email, except to have a certain Holly Simmons answer back smarmilly).

Here's a suggestion: We need a new "public" radio. If there are any out there willing to start up, fund and continue an alternative "public" radio, get going on the organizing. We sorely need one.

A daddy warbucks out there--please apply! We need you. We need a progressive, national and public radio--a real one.

Anonymous said...

Whaddaya expect, it's Andrea the Cackling Sea Witch - heiress apparent to the throne of that Queen of the Innocuous Fluffiness.... Susan Stambeyyyyyyyyrg.

Tim McCready said...

Do you have insight into why Seabrook got the job in the first place, and why she has kept it despite her towering inanity? What a great post that would be!