Monday, April 07, 2008

Yoo Who

Consider that it was nearly a week ago that John Yoo's torture document was released to the ACLU. It is a damning document, showing that the Bush administration considers the Constitution, domestic, and international laws inapplicable to the President in a time of war. It's a disgusting piece of barbarism dressed up in sloppy legal jargon. In a democratic republic it should be front and center in every news broadcast. Let's see where it ranks on NPR. What you see are two references on the Bryant Project, and if you listen, you'll find it is actually the same broadcast and gives about 45 seconds coverage to the release of the document.

Now look at Charlton Heston coverage...stunning isn't it?

To find coverage of the Yoo/torture issue you have to go to Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Harpers and Salon's Glenn Greenwald.

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