Friday, May 30, 2008

Hat Tip

Many thanks to reader Ellen for this great link to Utah Phillip's "Talking NPR Blues" (I think NPR Check has found its fight song). Ironically, I've got to give a nod to NPR for airing a fine tribute to Phillips on Thursday's ATC. Of course "Talking NPR Blues" wasn't mentioned, but Bill Harley who presented the piece included Phillips' radical side, for example noting his aphorism that (take note NPR) "the most radical thing in America is a long term memory."
For more on Phillips see this recording site (where the photo came from) and this tribute (which is part of a great larger project).


Anonymous said...

And hear the one-hour long Democracy Now interview here:


nash said...

Ah! I was going to pass that along myself, but ellen beat me to it. It's a really wonderful interview -- cheered me up somethin' awful earlier this week, even if the occasion for airing it was a sad one. It's nice to know that NPR noticed his passing -- alas that it's also surprising.

Categorical Aperitif

Anonymous said...

Ehh, such things are just akin to a curiosity boutique to them. Makes 'em look like they have some kind of "edge", is all.