Thursday, May 01, 2008

Magic Kingdom, Magic Thinking

These are sad days for satire. How can you satirize building a Disneyland in Baghdad... seriously! Well, instead of going on about how sorry and sad it is that NPR just gobbles up this DOD sham, lets just run with it ourselves. Take a look at this Disneyland Park Attractions link to see a listing of all the wholesome fun to be had at Disneyland. Then let's see what we can offer NPR and their Dept. of Defense buddies for some rollicking attractions at the new Baghdad Disneyland. I'm thinking of Dick Cheney's Wild Ride or Honey I Shrunk the Population.

Post your ideas in the comments section.

After all, as Llewellyn Werner, chairman and shyster of C3, is quoted on NPR's report, "I'm a business man. I'm not here because I think you're nice people. I think there's money to be made here" (or was that the speech Bush gave on the eve of the invasion).


Porter Melmoth said...

War profiteers are not persons of quality, integrity or humanity. With people like Richard Perle as models, vileness is a given. Unspeakably vile.

Golly, if they're mortaring the Greenish Zone, that there skateboard park might need some patching up. Young skateboarders will make terrific targets. But Werner will have already made his killing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my bleeping God. Just when you think that "brilliant ideas" (and NoPR's crippled coverage of them) can't get any worse... Oh suuuure, I can just imagine the abused and maligned (remaining) natives of Iraq are jus' gonna flock in droves to the Crappiest Place on Earth. Ka-fuggin'-ching! Nothin' like Micky & Goofy to win over hearts and minds as the new messiahs - it's a stalled world after all.

Thanks for vindicating my ever resolute choice to deny NoPR any more of my direct attention.

nash said...

Everybody sing!

It's a quagmire, after all
It's a quagmire, after all...

Categorical Aperitif

Anonymous said...

Congrats! -you scored a(-nother) Cursor link for this one.