Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments are welcomed.

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Porter Melmoth said...

One of the reasons I've scaled back Nationalistic Putrefying Radiation to absolute minimal soundbytes is due to a factor far more mundane than content or agendas. And that is: the local station relies on one particular person to do all their corporate sponsor announcements, a job no one else at the station wants to do. He is annoying, cloying, and thinks he's clever. In addition, when he's doing live announcing, he makes a mistake of some kind nearly every sentence. Anyway, there was a time when one could put up with such verbal clutter and poor performance because NPR was 'non-commercial'. What a joke, huh? So, aside from their sinister cooperation with neocon/BushCorp interests, the mere presentation of radio etiquette on the local level makes NPR an intolerable experience. Plus, in the general sense, I cannot relate or link hardly at all with NPR's version of the world. I've done a bit of traveling, and the way these elitist samplers package the world for 'thinking' America's consumption makes me, well, ill. (I might as well use polite language!)

Then there's the issue of content...