Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Do NPR Hosts and Al Green Have in Common?

On ATC MeeShill Norris says of Al Green, "Listen to that voice. After all these years he still has the magic and when you sit down to talk to him, as I recently did, it's also clear that he's still in love with life, and with the sound of his own voice."

Well, damn! Al should feel right at home with all the NPR yakkers.

Then we get treated to Al Green singing "Michele Norris, Michele Norris..." and MeeShill saying "Man, I never thought I'd hear Al Green singing my name."

That's as far as I could go with this piece. Mercifully, the radio does have an off button.


Porter Melmoth said...

Wow, I guess MeeShill makes it possible for us to gobble stuff like your basic Gaza propaganda (which is GOOD for us!) simply by her 'conscientious' but soothing voice, which almost out-Al Greens Al Green!

Man, I never thought I'd hear MeeShill say, "Man, I never thought I'd hear Al Green singing my name."

I'm down on my knees being thankful that I DIDN'T HAVE TO HEAR that piece, even though it is dangerously available on the website.

MeeShill rivals Gwen Thompkins in show-offy goopiness.

Poor Al! He bears no responsibility for being exploited so.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I DID hear this nauseating feature. Can I just say: Take Me to the River (So I Can Throw Myself In It)?

Anonymous said...

Well, this filing sure does render our jolly schoolboy taunting useless! I have absolutely nothing to add.

But chalk up another validation why I'm elated to be on the wagon from them (wasn't addicted anyway).