Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Even Gonyea Had to Snicker

Bush is off to Europe. Renee Montagne asks Don Gonyea, "and Don does there seem to be any nostalgia as the President - you know he's got seven months before he leaves office - as the President makes this final go round of these European capitals?"

Nostalgia?! Is she out of her mind? Let's see would that be nostalgia for the good old days of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, or March of 2008? Even Don Gonyea had to hem and haw:
"Eeaaaaaaahhh....I, I, I don't know that nostalgia is really what we're seeing here...perhaps just the tiniest tinge of it...I mean he's never been popular in Europe, at least not in Western Europe..."
Now there's a polite understatement. But, don't be misled. Gonyea wasn't about to let such foolishness get in the way of his staying on the war message du jour:
"...he [Bush] wants them to take the threat posed by Iran and its potential to become a nuclear power very seriously."
Notice how Gonyea simply asserts that Iran is a threat. He doesn't say the "alleged" or "claimed" threat. He just owns it as fact, when it is anything but... And it's not just a few people who recognize that Iran is not the real threat to peace.


Porter Melmoth said...

Part of BushCorp's post-Soviet strategy has been to exploit the 'nutcracker nations' - those between Russia and 'Old' Europe - i.e. Slovenia, Czech Rep., Poland, not only driving a wedge to prevent more European hegemony, but to fiddle with things like missile sites and CIA prisons. BushCorp, treating them like Central American nations, baits and switches. I am very fond of these 'nutcracker' nations, and I don't want to see them getting screwed over. For example, Bush has bribed his way into Lithuania: I saw a plaque in the square of Vilnius, the capital, which commemorates Dubya for having made some stupid speech there. It didn't honor the USA as a nation, just Bush as a visitor, an agent. Of course, that's how BushCorp operates: exploiting the US for their own interests. Fortunately, Lithuania is now in the EU.

More than ever, Morn Ed sounds like a People Magazine gabfest. Everyone on NPR is so maddeningly FRIENDLY with each other, so clubby and chuckly and snickery and adolescent. Of course, when you're cut from the same cloth, you'll stick together. And when you're having a ball in front of the American public, and on their nickel, and no one's stopping you, why not go for the gold?

Porter Melmoth said...

PS: I have a picture to prove Bush's role as Lord Protector of the Lithuanian People:

Anonymous said...

Say whaaaaa-??? Suuuuuurrrrrre Renee, we're alllll feeling so weepy it's nearing the finish, you clueless bleeping patrician bimbo. Nice touch too, how Donny softens the query with "ohh, just an eeentsy weeeeeentsy widdle bit - I think." Gawd.

The premonition I dread - and mark my words, history has this inexorable propensity of repeating itself in such matters - two decades from now "the dunce who became president" will receive the same sort of sacrosanct lionization that Raygun Reagan now enjoys, albeit posthumously. And I'm gonna be even more cratchety in later years (Lowwrd willin') than I already am in reaction to this pitiful, pathetic "legacy."