Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Ham and Williams on Reilly

Be sure you haven't eaten if you want to take a look at NPR's esteemed news "analyst," Juan Williams performing on the O'Reilly Show. Warning: it is one of the most nauseating smear pieces I've ever seen. If you'd rather skip it, here's a little taste of how this NPR "journalist" acquitted himself:

O'Reilly: "Juan, they want to shut Fox News off. You've said that many times....they don't want any dissenting voices....they don't want any dissent; they're fascists right?"

Juan Williams: "Well, that's the problem. If you look at the numbers - not numbers done by Fox News, but numbers done by independent pollsters - what they say is conservatives, conservative consumers are the ones who think the media are most biased. Liberals for the most part don't think that...."

He's not done. Williams claims, "If you went to the conference this weekend, they have such anger and fury. Anybody who has anything good to say about America is a dupe, is a non-critical thinking person, lacking faculty...."

O'Reilly, warming up to Williams, notes, "But the hatred Juan. You're an African American, I mean you know this much better than I do. The hatred level at that conference...."

Then Williams, turning reality on it's head replies, "Bill, you should know this for yourself because you've been victimized, vilified, demonized....we're talking about the future of this country. You've got to realize, they're making it difficult to have a civil, logical discussion."

I definitely sent NPR's ombudsman a complaint, asking if they have any standards that apply to their staff working outside of NPR, and requesting that they terminate their relation with Williams.


Anonymous said...

Orwellian.Intentionally so, too.

Implying the Media Reform Conference was full of hatred for African-Americans. Absurd.

This backwards-world spiel is actually a counterpropaganda tactic called "meme-reversal."

It's like Hitler claiming the Jews oppressed him.
It fools too many people.

Anonymous said...

Juan, Juan, Uncle Tom

Cheyanne said...

I've always thought this to be a NPR/Juan Williams a weird combo. For those of us who know how NPR is and know how O'Reilly is, and Juan playing both sides....I guess you gotta feed the family and give the kids the college education they deserve. Juan knows how to play the UncleTom Nice Negro vs. Madass Negro game is all.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeebus friggin' christ on a bicycle! Unbelieveable.

nash said...

Gack! I know that O'Reilly has his freak on about the conference -- he has no choice but to demonize and marginalize the reform movement if he's going to talk about it all, really, since he'll start losing viewers if more of them actually start paying serious attention to what O'Reilly's many and well-armed critics have to say -- but I didn't expect such sad pandering from Williams. Well, I expected some, but I didn't think he'd be that much of a whore. To go along with O'Reilly's crap about how it's the reformers who want to squash dissent -- that's just beyond sad.

Porter Melmoth said...

A classic example of Billo's MO: he disguises his own extremism by appearing to be perfectly open-minded and reasonable, while painting everyone else as the extremist ones. Notice that he didn't play any sound from either Bill Moyers or Dan Rather, but just showed pictures. It's a classic Fox News technique, which NPR has slavishly copied.
Yawn Williams fits right in: he's bathing in being a star in Fox's tokenism. He's designed for white folks' consumption, like Clarence Thomas. He's cooperative, conservative (though he makes a few 'liberalish' comments just to show off), and he's too dainty to tolerate no Uppity Negro behavior.
Juan the Worthless represents the blandest kind of sellout, and he has done very well by it. If I want a relatively mainstream African-American perspective, I'll check out Clarence Page. I wouldn't dream of trusting anyone like Wan Williams. Especially not after his 'servant boy' interview with Dick Cheney on NPR a few years back.