Monday, June 23, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Did no one notice Scott Simon's nasty little editorial last Saturday morning? He commented on Obama's speech in which he talked about ways in which the Republicans will try to make the electorate fear him by bringing up the fact that Obama is black. This, Simon stated, was Obama's "playing the race card." Simon then launches into a spirited defense of McCain stating that he knows of no statement made by McCain that made reference to Obama's race. (He also, bizarrely, faults Obama for raising so much money at a time when there are widespread foreclosures and increasing food prices.)


Hard to believe that this is what passes for intelligent comment on NPR these days. Did Simon not notice the swift-boat campaign against Kerry? Or the plethora of Obama-Osama "mistakes" that have already "slipped" out? Or even the whispering campaign mounted against McCain himself back in 2000?

Of course MCCAIN is never going to raise is never going to mention Obama's race. But there are plenty of well funded minions who shall. This apparently did not occur to Simon. Now there's sophisticated political analysis for you.

He concludes with a nasty little heads up, declaring that the race card is going to be played "on both sides of the table."

To make matters worse Simon did his snarky little hatchet job in that coy,"ain't-I-cute-and-smarter-than- you-dumbasses" voice.

Buh-bye Scott. And WBUR (Boston)? When you come up $100 short during your next fund raiser -- that was me.

Thanks for letting me vent a little.

PS: Simon's sermonette is still there on the Saturday Edition web site. Listen and be infuriated.

Mytwords said...

Thanks anon for pointing out Simon's crude little attack on Obama. I had fortunately missed it, but went back and listened. You have to love Simon's sloppy distortion of Obama's comment - turning it from the fact that Republicans will note that Obama is Black as a fear tactic, to insistign that Obama accused McCain of race baiting. It was vintage smug Simon, all right.