Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Open Thread

Comments regarding NPR are always welcomed.

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Porter Melmoth said...

I see that our favorite fussbudget-y drainpipe-voiced prizewinner, Ari Fleischer - I mean, Shapiro, is being test-driven in high-performance mode as a younger, hipper, and more prize-laden motor-mouther than the rapidly aging Inscreep. With over-the-hill Big Sis Renayy Mundane helping him along, Ari did some expansive stuff this morning. I won't even bother to comment on Shapiro's thrilling second part to the Arlington Cemetery's Unquestioning Moms On Parade, except to say that their display of pop grief within the fawning NPR scope of things makes a mockery of the many others who lie in the same cemetery, victims of more 'legitimate' wars (if we can call them that), in contrast to the tragedy of Bush's illegal abominations.

Still in DC, Ari has another fresh air outing when he pushes the pedals with a congressman who's been biking to work for 12 years. 'Smug' isn't a strong enough word to capture our Ari's bearing, but it will have to do. As they are biking along together, the guy is telling about alternatives to driving, etc. Then Shapiro rudely interrupts his talk by saying they're heading down a one way street the wrong way, thus shattering the congressman's very sensible message. This is Shapiro's slick and sleazy trick to discredit the congressman as an eccentric crackpot. How quaint of you, Ari. How witty, how very clever.

Hell, if I myself was burdened with the likes of Shapiro on a bike trip, I'd lead him down another wrong-way street: to Fox News, and dump him.