Friday, July 11, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Unknown said...

NPR Morning Edition replied to my complaint of bias when Rene framed Obama as "the most liberal senator":

"Re: uncritical, biased political reporting (Ticket# 06302008N10350001:AR0003)

"Dear Steve,

"Thank you for contacting NPR's Morning Edition.

"We regret if our programming has not met your expectations. Your comments will be taken into consideration.

"Each week nearly 26 million people turn to NPR for thoughtful, informed journalism along with music and entertainment programming. Whether tuning in via a local public radio station or logging-on to, we are committed to providing listeners with the best possible reporting. There is no room for bias anywhere in our newsroom.

"What you hear on the air, or on, is governed by a strong code of ethics and practices. These standards are in place to protect and support the integrity, impartiality and conduct of our journalists. We encourage you to review the code, which is posted online at

"We are grateful for your comments to NPR News. Your feedback is important to us, and your thoughts have be"

That's it - their reply stops in the middle of the sentence. I guess my "thoughts have be[en]" erased from their inside-the-beltway millieu - they've got their fingers in their ears and are sayng "nya nya I can't hear you" :-)

I got an especially good laugh from NPR's claim that "There is no room for bias anywhere in our newsroom."

Anonymous said...

NPR's ombudswoman will be on my affiliate tomorrow at 11 am pst
it's an excellent show and station. much more local than the monster kqed

Anonymous said...

NPR's Joseph Shapiro did a marvelous job today covering France's health care system on NPR West's program, Day to Day.

The report, titled Health Care Lessons from France, dealt with how in France, the sicker you are, the more coverage you have.

They correctly pointed out that like the US, France has a public and private healthcare system--a mix, and is not like Canada's or the UK's "socialized" systems. And unlike in the US, everyone is covered.

NPR should be commended. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a hit piece on the frogs, er, I mean "cheese-eating, surrender monkeys."

Anonymous said...

Good, but big whoop. So once in a blue moon they actually hit the target (but then, a stopped clock is correct twice a day). I resist being too praiseworthy - they seem to let commendations go to their deluded lil' heads far too much. And I've been jipped far too many times by them to forgive.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Steve - nice robotic response; really cut to the heart of it, eh?