Monday, July 14, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I had a train to catch so I did not hear the sign-off for the piece ME did this morning (Monday) on oil drilling off the Florida coast. However, whoever reported the story felt that with the exception of baseball, Mark Twain and certain baked goods, offshore oil drilling was the greatest gift the USA had ever conferred on mankind. Naysayers were dismissed as nervous nellies with ambiguously formed genitals.

Porter Melmoth said...

A glowing example of NPR wit came prancing out of my weary bedside radio today. In the midst of a purportedly serious public news program, (on the Morning Edition flagship) a bit of fun. Steve Inskreep presented, with that just-under-control glee of his: a session with 'environmentalists' who are 'speed-dating'. Yeah, it was a real 'send-up' all right, and was about as funny as a wet box of Cheerios. Some stuff about tree huggers who drive SUVs, and other ho-ho gags. I don't know, I guess some of we peasants in the audience just don't have the refined sophistication that is required to appreciate the advanced level of 'smart' humor for which NPR is so famous.

Truly, an NPR WTF?? moment.

PS: George Carlin or Richard Pryor or Jon Stewart could have made a masterpiece of satire out of something like this, but NPR entirely lacks the talent required. But really, WTF is something like this even doing on ME in the first place, except to pander to some slobbery sitcom appeal? So much for NPR's desire to be taken seriously. Yet again.

Mytwords said...

Indeed Porter, aren't environmentalists either clueless, loveless hypocrites or rigid bike-riding ideologues? Actually, wet Cheerios would have been a lot funnier.

Inskeep was in fine form this morning as I noted in the post on Venezuela above, and he also had this ahistoric, paternalistic reflection on the conflict in Palestine: "...the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. No matter what else happens in the world that conflict is almost guaranteed to demand the next President's time." Oh the poor hapless US; we just try and try to bring peace and justice to the world, but some places just don't want it...ughh.
He does earn his big pay; I'll give him that!